May 4, 2016

So here it is… the end of the road for this blog. In a way, this can be thought of as an obituary, or a long-winded headstone text. There’s something about seeing a blog simply go inactive after a lively stretch of years that saddens me.

The death of a blog, oftentimes, is not signaled by a post like this, but rather by a potential reader stumbling upon it only to notice that the last update was July 2012, or something like that. In my mind, a blog deserves a more auspicious end.

To briefly recap the period of my life in which I haven’t posted, I’ll tell you here. I met a lovely girl named Oona here in Helsinki, and we’ve become taken with one another. That was almost exactly a year ago. Since our meeting, we’ve been talking about traveling quite a bit. Both our plans involved a fair amount of it, so we decided to set off together to discover the world. The one problem was that I wasn’t even half done with school yet, so there was still a substantial obstacle in the way. Over the following year, I put all my effort into finishing my academic responsibilities and have finally done so, just today, in fact. The one remaining task is field work, which I’ll be finishing this summer in Mongolia. Oona will accompany me there, which can be thought of as a brief interlude to our travels rather than a true settling down.

Being that I’ve gotten just about as much use out of this blog’s name as possible, I’ll be closing it down and contributing, jointly, to a new one instead. The new blog,, will detail Oona’s and my travels over the next several years. So, if you’ve enjoyed the travel aspects of this blog, feel free to follow that one for more of such things.

It’s been real. American Werewolf in Belgrade out.

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