New York Minute

June 5, 2014

After exactly three weeks in New York I’m heading to the opposite side of the world tomorrow. It took quite a bit of deliberation to bite the bullet and go for the direct flight from Newark, NJ, to Mumbai, India. This flight, scheduled at a little over 16 hours, is one of the longest currently scheduled commercial flights in the world. I was torn between taking a day or two somewhere in between to split up the tedium of such a trip, but I ended up opting for the direct path just to get it over with. On top of that, I’ve been having such a great time here in New York that it was tough to commit. My flight was originally scheduled for today, but I showed up to the airport and met a huge mob of people and learned that today’s flight was canceled due to mechanical issues with the plane. They’re sending a replacement from India, but it won’t be here until tomorrow morning. At least they put me up in a reasonable hotel.

During my time here I’ve had the good fortune of being able to catch up with a lot of old friends. Mad love and respect to homegirls Danielle, Holly, and Maggie for their hospitality in letting me crash. In addition to seeing my much-loved old friends, I’ve met tons of new people whom I’m bummed to be leaving so soon and I’ve consumed tons of rosé (I weighed it to make sure) on tons of rooftops around New York.


The view from Maggie’s roof

In addition to spending a lot of quality time with friends new and old, I was able to complete both official tasks I had on my agenda. The first of which was work-related, and took quite a bit longer than initially expected and required driving out to Edison, New Jersey many more times than I would have liked (the latter number is 0). The second was putting into motion my application for a residence permit to Finland. I visited the consulate here in New York and the woman at the desk was very helpful in processing my request. Unfortunately, the people responsible for accepting incoming supplementary documents are not nearly as helpful. I’ve sent in my proof of insurance several times and I’ve gotten nothing but noncommittal responses and stories of how they can’t help me because they’re processing so many applications. At any rate, this is the last hurdle in the way of getting my residence permit so I’m hoping everything gets squared away soon.

I’m working on figuring out a rough itinerary of where to go for my free time in India. It’s looking like I’ll be spending most of my time in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir up in the north. Stay tuned for riveting tales of whatever goes on in those places before my trip back to Finland.


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