(Ullan) linna

August 21, 2013


Noun: Fortification, castle


Ullanlinna, a neighborhood in southern Helsinki, is where I’ve made my seasonal digs. The name of the neighborhood comes from Queen Ulrika (Ulla) Eleonora’s castle, a section of fortifications along the southern extent of Helsinki. Tehtaankatu, the main drag through the neighborhood is where my new apartment is located. Tram routes 3, 1, and 1A run right in front of my building, and the 2 is right down the street.


Late night number 3

While not my top neighborhood choice, Ullanlinna is far from the bottom. It’s within close walking distance of Eira and Punavuori and it’s got easy access to the rest of the city by one of the most frequent and late-running tram routes in Helsinki. My pad is a room in a shared flat on the second floor. My room mate is a cool guy named Mike, he’s from Greece. My room is quite large and it’s got a balcony overlooking the courtyard in the back. The kitchen overlooks Tehtaankatu and has a washing machine in unit.


Deck life

While I’m sitting on the balcony I can hear the trams rumble down Tehtaankatu. Yes, I think this will do.


I may not have bed sheets, but I have a couch

2 Responses to “(Ullan) linna”

  1. jon Says:

    I got dibs on that couch…

  2. ibarrere Says:

    Haha alright, it’s super comfortable, sitting on it now in fact.

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