Birthday Festivities

March 20, 2011

Some of you may know that it’s my birthday on Tuesday, the 22nd. And damnit, I plan to celebrate! However, by celebrate I mean go hiking by myself. I’ve been really wanting to get out of Belgrade and find some solitude recently and I figured this would be the perfect time.

It’s just going to be a little overnight thing down to Rtanj. There are several buses per day that go to Boljevac, near Rtanj, I plan on taking the 0800 departure. I’ll be getting to Lukovo at about 1100 and starting from around there. It’s about a 1000 meter ascent from Lukovo up to Šiljak (the highest peak of Rtanj). I plan on ascending the east face of Šiljak on Monday, finding somewhere to camp near the top or on the ridge that extends west, then going down the south face on Tuesday, wrapping around into the village of Rtanj and following the road back up to E761 where I can catch the bus back to Belgrade for some birthday night partying.

The weekend after my birthday, however, will be the party weekend. Jamiroquai is playing in Vienna and I’ve got four tickets to the show as well as in and out plane tickets to Vienna. It lines up perfectly with my weekend, which is great, so I’ll have a few days in Vienna to check it out (last time I was there I was kinda bed-ridden with some sort of nasty sickness) and go to the concert. I’m meeting some friends from Budapest there as well, so it’s slated to be an amazing time. I’ve wanted to see Jamiroquai live for a long time, and plus, in Vienna? Yes please.

Anyhow, if I don’t return from hiking by Tuesday, you know where to look for me. 🙂

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