Serbian Lessons Commenceth

March 3, 2011

A blog-worthy event indeed.

I found a woman who teaches Serbian the other day and had my first lesson yesterday. It was definitely the most conversational Serbian I’ve ever spoken in one sitting. Rather than reciting from a pre-written script in class or barking several-syllable responses to paprika-seller at Kalenić, it was a fairly fluent and dynamic two hours of just talking, discussion of random topics and questions back and forth. Like I’ve said before, being comfortable is a key element in such conversations, the only reason I was able to speak as I did was because of her teacherly and helping disposition.

There will be three two-hour classes per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I have a feeling this will end up helping a lot. While I have some Serbian friends who obviously speak the language, it’s beneficial to have a slightly more professional relationship with a teacher. In the (metaphorical) classroom, Serbian is expected rather than simply accepted. My friends, however, will certainly be able to help me practice; an environment where I must speak Serbian is one hell of an ice-breaker though. Big things are coming!

On a lighter (or perhaps more ominous, you choose) note, winter appears to be clinging to dear life quite proficiently. Every time it snows I’m thinking it will be the last, but then it just keeps snowing. The following picture was taken from my apartment today, it’s hard to tell how hard it is snowing in the shot, but I swear, it looked like one of those blizzards from Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo.

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