True to Its Name

December 27, 2010

The name Belgrade is an anglicization of Beograd, which means “white city” in Serbian. The weather this month has been fairly capricious, for a bit it was well below freezing, only to jump back up to over 10 degrees, now it’s back below zero. Not only that, but it’s been snowing the past few days.

This is essentially my first experience with Belgrade in the snow… it’s quite white indeed! Snow in the cities get slammed on quite frequently due to the fact that the snow dirties after a few hours, but I am a firm believer that it’s not so bad. The snow on the tops of buildings, trees, or any other object not under foot or tire remains pure and gives everything a bit more definition.

I had the pleasure of returning to such a sight late last night from Berlin. I celebrated Christmas in Berlin with a few friends of mine, I had a lot of fun, it’s quite a cool city. I was determined to stick it to the taxi drivers of Belgrade after a series of rip-offs, so I looked for possible alternatives back from the airport while I was in Berlin. I ended up dodging the heckles of the Taxi Mafia at the arrivals gate and made it to the city bus just in time. It took a meandering and scenic (at least in the snow) course through New Belgrade toward its terminus of Zeleni Venac.

I walked home from Zeleni Venac through the odd silence and the falling snow. It proved to be a fairly momentous experience, I don’t think I’ll ever forget how it felt.

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