Wiener Melange

December 21, 2010

To set things straight, wiener melange is my new term for clusterfuck, get used to it!

Yesterday was a wiener melange of epic proportions. Last time you heard from me was when I was sitting in Slagelse the day before my flight back to Belgrade. That day finished up with a trip to The Upper Hill with Dave to say hey to Mette and have a few drinks. Considering our massive hang overs and relatively little sleep, neither of us were in the mood to drink much. Somehow we still ended up drinking more than we expected.

I rode the train back to Copenhagen and crashed at Lori’s again. We got pizza, and I opened a bottle of Black Maple Hill bourbon which Sarah sent me for the holidays (you’re the best!). The next morning (yesterday) I headed out to the airport to catch my flight. Due to cataclysmic snowfall most of the flights in Europe have been significantly delayed for the past 10 days or so. Mine was no exception. This botched the transfer I was supposed to make in Dusseldorf to Belgrade. I instead had to spend like four hours in line to get booked onto a flight to Stuttgart (~6 hours later) where I was expected to somehow leave the gate, get my boarding pass, go back through security, and get back to the gate in 30 minutes. I was banking on the fact that the plane from Stuttgart to Belgrade would be delayed as well, and so it was. Before I left the gate I checked its status, it was about an hour and half delayed. That gave me ample time to go out and pick up my boarding pass. Unfortunately all the ticketing desks were closed at this point. After 30 or so minutes of running around getting pointed in different (and equally useless) directions I was directed to a desk whose sole occupant had just put up a sign about closing and being back at 0430 and was heading out. I convinced her (with my irresistible charm, no doubt… or perhaps it was my dirty clothes and unshowered body) to try to find me somebody who could print me a boarding pass. She contacted a colleague who promptly brought me a boarding pass, my ticket back through security.

At this point, I was kind of in panic mode as it was of the utmost importance that I be home and online for work today at 0800. Not only was I concerned A) I wouldn’t make the flight, but B) my bag containing both my house keys and my computer power supply had been sent off in some other direction hours earlier, and C) I hadn’t paid for Internet access in approximately one month (Internet access here is prepaid) and the office in which I do that was long closed by this time.

From then on, everything did a complete 180. I made my flight, got back to Belgrade, retrieved my previously-lost bag containing house keys and power supply from the friendly chap at lost and found, and got home to discover A) that Internet access still worked and B) that my poorly-packed bottle of bourbon and stupidly-expensive pair of dress shoes were still very much intact.

It’s easy for me to feel like the world is occasionally working against me. Last night, however, was a pretty good example of how it’s occasionally not, or dare I say, it’s occasionally working for me.

One Response to “Wiener Melange”

  1. Jian Says:

    poor wiener melange, what might cappuccino possibly mean in that vocabulary?

    I was in Kastrup the very same day taking an early flight to Rome. We almost missed it with trains crossing the bridge from Sweden being delayed up to 1½ hours due to a train track shifting error in Malmö (due to ice).

    On our way back this morning we saw mountains of luggage in the luggage pick up area. Haven’t ever seen anything quite like it.

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