Holiday Festivities

December 19, 2010

Quite an eventful weekend.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, a company I’m affiliated with just had a holiday party in Denmark and was kind enough to invite me. As I’m sitting in a hotel room in Slagelse, Denmark in a sleep-deprived and hung over state of apathetic euphoria (for lack of a better term), I figured I’d recap the weekend’s events… digitally.

I had a great last night in Budapest, checking out a pretty cool restaurant I’d never been to with Jess and then hanging out a few neighborhood bars. The next day I rushed to the airport at mid day. Ferihegy airport in Budapest has two different terminals, quite far away from one another. I swear my confirmation email said Terminal 2, but apparently not. I caught a cab back from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1, fortunately my flight had been delayed which gave me ample time to get to the gate. I had to drop mad Euros on checking my garment bag at the gate though as easyJet doesn’t allow you to bring more than two carry-on bags on board.

We ended up sitting on the plane for a good few hours before departure because we were waiting for the de-icing truck to get around to us. Fortunately, I made it to Paris with very little of what was left of a five hour layover. I just barely made my connecting flight and got to Copenhagen at about 0100. Lori was (again) kind enough to let me crash at her place in Copenhagen. I was pretty much dying of starvation when I got to her house, so she gave me a giant plate of leftover pasta. She’s the king.

I took off early the next morning to Copenhagen H (central station) to catch a train out to Slagelse. Dave and Marcus picked me up at the station and we headed out to Vejle in Jutland. The party was hosted at a big hotel/casino out in the country. The party started off with a fancy five-course meal with seemingly bottomless wine glasses (five of which… constantly being refilled). After that we moved on to the casino. The woman at the front desk was from Srebrenica, so I said some stuff in Bosnian to her and tried not to mention the genocide. I didn’t do any gambling myself, instead opted to support Dave’s habit with my chips. He squandered them, but it was fun to watch.

All in all, we ended up participating in all sorts of debauchery not particularly befitting of a corporate holiday party, but that’s how we roll I guess.

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