December stuff

December 14, 2010

December has been and will continue to be pretty chaotic, by the looks of things.

At the end of my last blog post I foresaw future visits to Budapest, I’m back there now in fact. It’s another longer-than-anticipated stay here as well. I was originally just coming up for the weekend, but plans grew and practical considerations triumphed. My company back in Seattle has established a growing relationship with a similar firm headquartered in Denmark (part of the reason I was there for so long last time). I have been invited to their Christmas party this year and am very much looking forward to it. However, being that I was essentially a backpacker who settled down somewhere in Europe, there was a very formal-attire-shaped hole in my wardrobe that needed to be tended-to prior to crashing this party. I had a visit to Hugo Boss here in Budapest about a week ago to get the ball rolling. I found a suit which appealed to me and got fitted for it. It should be ready by tomorrow night (cutting it close to the Friday departure date for my return to Denmark).

So here I am in Budapest. Getting my tickets back to Copenhagen from here since flights are so much cheaper, in addition to the fact that I needed to cop a suit ASAP, were more-or-less the aforementioned practical considerations. That made my stay here a little over two weeks rather than the planned weekend. I’m in Denmark for only a few days this time, running out to Jutland for the party and returning two days later. I’ll be getting on the train back to Belgrade shortly after returning to Budapest since I have a flight from Belgrade to Berlin to catch only two days later. I’ll be in Berlin for Christmas catching up with a few friends, which promises to be an awesome time. After that, I’ll be back in Belgrade for a few days, followed by another week or so in Budapest for the Loft Hostel’s famed New Years Party, this year is Super Mario-themed. Now, before you judge me, I’m dressing up as one of those hammer-throwing guys… hammers, however, do not sound like a good addition to general drunkenness, we’ll see how this goes.

I spent the last weekend in Olomouc, Czech Republic. A friend of mine used to work there, so I tagged along with her to check it out. We stayed at the hostel in which she used to work and generally had a great time. It’s a really cool city, quite small, but plenty of stuff to see. It was also sub-zero temperatures the whole time… quite cold. We caught the late afternoon train back to Budapest last night with an expected arrival at Budapest Keleti at around 2230, giving me ample time to get things together for work today and find some ingredients for the Lablabi I planned on making today. Our train from Břeclav in Moravia back to Budapest was initially 80 minutes late, so there was a bit of hanging out at the train station. We were quite relieved when it arrived, and were prepared to relax on the heated train for the remainder of the journey. However, we were again delayed at Štúrovo apparently due to a derailed train ahead of us. There ended up being a lot more going in random directions while the passengers were generally unclear as to exactly what was going on. I got a little bit of sleep on the train and prepared for not making it back to Budapest by the start of my shift. We ended up somehow making it past the accident and rolled into Budapest Keleti at about 0300 this morning. I didn’t get to bed until around 0500, and had to wake up at 0750. Needless to say, I’m not particularly sprightly at the moment. With that being said, this is my last sentence.

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