The Strange Things I Miss

October 2, 2010

I’ve been told that all-out homesickness usually comes around the fourth month of being away. I’m sure this varies wildly according to person, but I’d imagine I’ll fall somewhere around there.

As a healthy precursor at a little over three months, I’ve been unusually occupied by things that never really meant much when I was back home. For example: Floyd’s on Lower Queen Anne… really? I could think of about a million places I would rather be than Floyd’s, but I had this weird sense of longing for sitting at the bar there. I’ve only been there a few times, all of which with Keli, and aside from the uneasiness, I was strangely satisfied.

The LFP Bar and Grill is another, although slightly more predicted. In fact, the entire period of living back at my mom’s between my last trip and this one (roughly between September and December 2009) has this very bittersweet quality to it in my memories. She lives way the hell out there in the forest, it’s a pain in the ass to get to and from and there’s absolutely nothing going on around there, but that made escape that much sweeter. I love it up there, but going downtown and crashing at a Elliott’s apartment downtown, or Keli’s house up on Queen Anne (for lack of late-night bus service back up north) had such mysterious appeal. Not to mention the evenings spent at LFP Bar and Grill with tallboys of PBR on school nights. And the cold, fall nights had a strange attractiveness as well. All those memories, in addition to thousands more un-put-into-word-able sensations make up a strange bundle of feelings that pulls at me.

I’m not even going to get into the simple beauty of walking the streets of Seattle… the variety of sights encountered, the things experienced. I have a hard time believing that Seattle is legitimately superior to the next city, but it certainly is my home, therefore its beauty is unparalleled in my mind. For example, glancing toward the top of a skyscraper on a clear winter day. There is nothing more humbling than that view of steam rising from the HVAC units against a cold, blue sky (seriously, try it some time). While that same view can be got in any city with skyscrapers (something which Belgrade is not, for the record), there’s something about it from Capitol Hill toward the Columbia Tower framed with the Olympic Mountains (capped with snow, as they are in winter).

It certainly doesn’t ache, like I thought homesickness might, but it’s more of a preoccupation. Perhaps I just need to give it time, I’ve sworn to myself that I won’t let it get the best of me though.

One Response to “The Strange Things I Miss”

  1. Becca Roy Says:

    seattle misses you too. and me.

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