Bike Life in Belgrade

September 15, 2010

Coming from a place like Seattle where every other resident is a hipster toting a fixed-gear, or at the very least, a socially-conscious commuter on a ten-speed, adapting to Belgrade’s lack of bikes is tough.

I have a keen eye for spotting single-speeds, and I can say with certainty that yesterday was the first one I’ve seen after more than two months of being here. Not only that, but it was a helmetless rider with a messenger bag perched atop a fixed-gear. The streets are actually quite bike-friendly around here (aside from the maniac drivers), yet there is no discernible bike culture aside from the occasional student on his way to school by mountain bike or the spandex-clad competition racer.

All that in combination with the fact that I haven’t been on my own fixie for a matter of months really makes me want to get my bike shipped over here and rally the would-be hipsters into acquiring their own counter-culture wheels… I feel like we could start something big.

Besides, it seems like every other Western European city has one, so why not push this thing east?

2 Responses to “Bike Life in Belgrade”

  1. Because it’s not a Western European city? :LOL:

    Check ‘Ada’ – it’s full of bike(r)s of every kind

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