Belgrade: There’s Something in the Water

September 4, 2010

No, seriously…

Since I arrived, I’ve noticed a strange “smell”, although it’s more complex than just a smell. It’s a smell that’s present only sometimes, and I’m convinced that it resides in ones respiratory system. It’s almost like a taste present far back in the sinuses, near where they join the throat. It’s hard to define whether it’s a smell or a taste at that point, since the two sort of blur together way back there.

It’s present when I inhale sharply through my nose, and lingers back there for maybe a second or two, but it’s only noticeable when I breath out through my mouth shortly after. It’s also more pronounced if I’m lying on my back.

I discovered the other day that it comes from the bottled water. I had always noticed it subtly and wondered what was responsible for it. I now notice that it’s much more pronounced right after taking a swig of bottled water (it seems to be brand-independent). It also disappears entirely if I stop drinking bottled water for a day.

For now, I’ve attributed it to some chemical or mineral presence in the bottled water. That will have to suffice until I’m able to inspect it more thoroughly.

Anyhow, just an observation. 🙂

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