August 17, 2010

I got my computer today finally, working on getting things set up. Those of you who know my computer habits will be amazed to hear that I’m actually using Windows 7 for the time being… seriously though, it’s a pretty decent OS. It’s taking all I’ve got to not reformat and install Gentoo, but things are looking good so far. I’m going to get Gentoo installed on a virtual within the next few days.

It’s great being able to hear the kind of music I enjoy most again on my own computer, I’d spent a long time listening to whatever was around… I’ve been blasting mid-tempo, glitch hop, and dubstep for the past eight or so hours (since I got the computer).

I posted some new pictures on Facebook of recent happenings around Belgrade, I have a few shots of the apartment in there if you’re interested.

Anyhow, stay tuned for stuff, cuz it will be here.

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