To infinity and beyond!

July 5, 2010

After several hours on a plane, a hectic taxi-to-marshrutka transfer, 6 hours of rocketing past dilapidated industrial hulks reminiscent of a more prosperous past, passing semi trucks at breakneck speeds on hairpin mountain roads, and dodging various livestock wandering the highway, I’m in Tbilisi. I met up with my friend Tom, and we will be heading back to his town (Lagodekhi) this evening. I will be camping up there for a week or so and returning to Tbilisi after that.

Probably no Internet access where I will be, so this is it for a bit. Expect pictures when I return!

One Response to “To infinity and beyond!”

  1. mom Says:

    Sounds interesting so far… hope you are having a good time. Miss you and love you!

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