The Road

July 3, 2010

A bit of a misleading title as I’ll actually be flying… but after a long-ish hiatus in Istanbul I’ll be heading east tomorrow. After much searching for a land route, I balked and bought a plane ticket.

Apparently this season in Turkey is very popular for people to be heading east via bus or train due to the end of school and a mass influx of people to their hometowns in the east. Georgia is pretty far away, and getting there by land would be at least as expensive as the plane ticket I found, plus it takes an upwards of 30 hours. Instead, I depart from Ataturk airport tomorrow at 1300 for a two hour flight straight to Batumi on the Georgian coast.

I’ll be heading to Tbilisi ASAP since a friend of mine will be there picking up a friend from the airport Sunday night, I may be able to hitch a ride with them up to Lagodekhi near the Azerbaijani border.

Stay tuned for fascinating details from the Caucasus.

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