June 20, 2010

After an interesting few days, we’re in Bucharest, Romania.

We took the train from Budapest to Brasov several nights ago (12 hour trip). In Brasov we ended up attempting to sleep under my tent’s rain fly in a park, but it was raining so hard that not much sleep was achieved. We chose to get out of there ASAP and took a bus to the edge of town to hitch hike south. After several hours of waiting with our hand-drawn sign that said “Istanbul”, we succumbed to our tiredness and pitched the tent in a vacant lot in east Brasov. We got several hours of sleep before being awakened by the scorching sunlight.

We spent the rest of the day trying to flag down a ride. Finally, as we were about to give up, Ovidiu came through in the clutch. A nice college student coming from Cluj Napoca gave us a lift to Bucharest. We checked into a hostel and had a shower, quite a luxury compared to the last few days.

We’re about to get some much-needed sleep. Tomorrow we’ll continue on to Constanta and Vama Vecha on the Black Sea coast, a recommendation from Ovidiu. After that, it’s south until Istanbul.

Stay posted!

3 Responses to “Bucharest”

  1. Dad Says:

    Glad to hear you guys are doing okay, albeit a bit sleep-deprived it sounds like. Keep up the posts, have fun, and keep in touch!


  2. Taylor Says:

    Cluj Napoca!!!! Haha so awesome

  3. david Says:

    Be Safe in Istanbul man, there’s was a bombing there last Tuesday. Kurdish militants attacking military targets.

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